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Health management trainee studying economics & management. I write mostly about business analysis, dentistry, wellness, and economics. Pug & Frenchie mum. 🐶

An eclectic combination of reads that come together to form the ideal therapist: from Taleb to The Dalai Lama.

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In no particular order are ten books that have helped me through tough times that I can refer to again and again, representing the tastiest morsels of self-help and wisdom in my repository.

These books have something in common: you can open them at any page and find sanctuary and…

Your worst is probably better than everyone else’s best

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Ever being asked to step up last minute and are filled with imposter syndrome? Thinking with no preparation how can you possibly just be brilliant? Maybe you are. Maybe you just need to believe in yourself and have faith that you can just deliver.

Whether it’s a last-minute assignment, presentation…

Just the one espresso martini please

Stay Home It’s Too Peopley Out There Image Author’s Own, Concept from: It’s Too Peopley Out There — STAY HOME IT’S TOO PEOPLEY OUT THERE Products (

Eagerly anticipating ‘Freedom Day’ here in Melbourne, I can’t help but feel I’m in a cheesy 90s Will Smith movie.

Melbourne’s lockdown is the equivalent of doing 16-hour fasts and only having protein shakes when you can eat: you’re satiated, but not satisfied. And the novelty wore off pretty damn…

Alarmist reporting isn’t always a bad thing…except when it is

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A lot of us are fed up with the doom and gloom COVID updates we’ve had to endure for coming up to two years now, especially here in Melbourne, where we’ve been officially declared the most locked down city in the world.

I’m not afraid to vocalize the fact that…

Why there’s nothing wrong with Netflix

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For too long have I brought into maximizing every minute of the day with productivity – over thirty years, actually. And you know what, even before COVID, I realized (after much badgering from my other half) that I’d be running myself into the ground.

I’m slowly starting to accept this.

Even if publications have under 400 followers…

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This isn’t clickbait. It’s simple mathematics. And if everyone did this one thing that takes only seconds, everyone we’d all benefit.

Until I read Tim Denning’s article*, I didn’t realize you can hold down the clap icon and max it out to 50. You can do this over and over…

Our propensity for chastisement in a crisis, and other psychological quirks

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It’s the middle of lockdown 6.0 and everyone has had enough, myself included. I was fortunate enough to seize the opportunity to roll up my sleeves and get both Pfizer vaccinations before our government chopped and changed the rules to ration our ticket out of this nightmare. …

How to learn the essentials from the world’s best

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Since The Big Short, economics has had somewhat of a popularity resurgence. People wanted to know what happened during the Great Financial Crisis of 2007-8 and why no one saw it coming. A swathe of Netflix doccos have also spawned a renewed interest in ‘the dismal science.’

What has been…

Almost there!

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Wow, almost at the end! For my penultimate post for my 100 Days 100 Ways To A Body Positive Mindset challenge, I’ll summarize how I’ve got to where I am today. Tomorrow, I’ll share my learnings and what’s next.



I’ve based a lot of my posts on sharing the ‘best…

Accepting my ageing

Photo by Danie Franco on Unsplash

I’ve never had an issue with ageing, not from a cosmetic sense. I love wrinkles and the signs of age, but I’m becoming increasingly accepting of ageing contributing to my changing body.

As you get older, metabolism slows. That’s no excuse to think “f*ck it, I might as well just…

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